Great! The Wheels Are Now In Motion. You Will Have Your New Web Site Within Days of Deciding on Your New Domain Name.

The Domain Name included in the package, must be a standard Domain Name and available for purchase at the Standard Domain Name price. (Acquiring and purchasing Premium Domain Names or Existing Domain Names are at an additional expense to you, if applicable)

Welcome on board!

Expect a Call or Contact soon.

Be sure to White List Our Emails in your Email Folder.

What is White Listing?

With so many spam emails getting around, most email services are constantly refining their filtering process, where they send any emails suspected of being spam directly to your junk folder, or they block them all together. This is great, however they don’t always get it right and you will often find some genuine emails end up being blocked too.

So to make sure that you receive ALL the emails about your New Web Site Shell and upcoming bonuses and information, you just need to ‘White List’ our email addresses so our emails get to you. ‘White Listing’ means that you tell your email service provider that you want to receive emails from specific addresses.

What Web Site Shell addresses should I whitelist:

You may receive emails from the following email addresses

So please add all of these to your whitelist.

How to White List an email address:

Whitelisting is performed a little differently for each email program/provider. While it’s not possible to list them all here, these are the main ones:

MicroSoft Outlook and Windows Mail

  1. On the main menu go to Tools, then Options.
  2. Click Junk E-mail and then Junk E-mail Options
  3. Click on the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab
  4. Click Add
  5. In the box where you can add the address or internet domain to the list, enter
  6. Click OK
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each address you’d like to add to the list.


  1. Login to your Hotmail or MSN email account
  2. Click on Options (upper right of screen)
  3. Click the Mail link (on the left)
  4. Click Junk E-Mail Protection (first link)
  5. Click on Safe List
  6. In the dialog box, Type an address or domain, add
  7. Click the Add button
  8. Repeat for other email addresses


  1. Click Help & Settings
  2. Click Email Settings
  3. Click on Safe List
  4. Where it says, Type a single e-mail address (or domain), enter
  5. Click Add


  1. From within your mailbox click Options
  2. Then select Mail Options
  3. Select Filters
  4. Click Add link
  5. In the filter name box add
  6. In the From header (top row) select contains in the pull-down menu
  7. Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu and enter
  8. Then, where it says Move the message to, select Inbox from the pull-down menu
  9. Click Add Filter


  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Click Contacts from the left hand side of
  3. Click Add Contact
  4. In the primary email address dialog box add
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat to add other “Get a Web Site Shell” addresses


These steps may be a little different depending on what version of AOL you’re using, but they’ll be something along these lines:

  1. Click the Mail menu
  2. Select Address Book
  3. When the Address Book window opens, click on Add
  4. In the Address Card for New Contact window add where it says, Other E-mail
  5. Save

Norton AntiSpam

  1. Start Norton AntiSpam
  2. Click Status and Settings
  3. Click AntiSpam
  4. Click Configure Button
  5. Select Allowed List tab
  6. Click Add
  7. In the Email Address box enter
  8. Click OK
  9. Repeat to add other “Get a Web Site Shell” addresses


These are some of the Questions You Will Need to Consider for Your New Web Site.


What Domain Name would you like?


What extension would you like? (; .com; .net; .org; .info; .biz; etc)


What email accounts would you like? (up to 5 free accounts)

Such as



What basic colour you would like your site to start with? (This is able to be altered by you)


What Pages would you like to initially include on your Web Site?

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